After a massive loss in the Teamster Delegate election, just last year, Val has been exposed as a CHEATER!!! It was the 690 Teamsters United Slate that held him accountable for using members’ money in campaign, and sneaking ballots out of the Post Office a week ahead of the scheduled time for witnesses to be present. We were able to get a whole new election that one retired election observer said, “… was the most well run election in 690 history!” This occurred because Val ran the election that he cheated in, and the government oversight attorney ran the second, fair, election.

The reason we are reporting another victory for the members is because Val has accidentally admitted that he has no clue how to run an election. It’s an accident because he hired an outside Election Firm to run the upcoming election, thus admitting that he can’t, and will not be, running our upcoming Union Officer Election. This will cost money, but will ENSURE that the election is run fairly, honestly, and properly. We believe that this move by Val is the right move for the members and the best route to saving the members the burden of two elections again like last year. Normally, mobbed up and/or corrupt locals are forced to hire election firms for their officer elections.

Rest assured that 690 Teamsters United Slate will fight for all members to make sure that their vote is counted, and anonymous, the way any fair election should be. If you have any questions, please email us immediately. Ballots are due to be sent out around November 16th, and should start arriving in members mailboxes within a couple days after that.

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