Local 690 nearly ties the 2nd UPS vote!!! 137 to 127

With Val Holstrom leading the charge in Local 690 to undermine members, via robocalls deceiving members that a yes vote means a retroactive check will be on it’s way, and a record amount of deceiving postcards with pictures of fists with dollars in hand, Local 690 Business agents and officers are breathing a sigh of relief. Their efforts of spending our dues money to sell a contract that nearly eliminates pension contributions for Part-time UPSers for the first 3 years of the contract, using that money to pay for less healthcare than Part-timers have had to now.

With a year of negotiations under their belt, Teamster officials all over the country try to sell members on the worst UPS contract in history, with few gains, and the poorest Teamsters in the United states, taking the hit with healthcare cuts. That’s right, the poorest Teamsters in the nation are UPS Teamsters who are hired on at UPS Part-time, and suffer for up to 12 years being guaranteed only 3.5hrs per day… and they’re taking the hit.

In June 2013, the first tally began, ending with 18 supplements to the UPS contract going down, many by large majorities of members voting no. Teamster officials in DC were stunned, but quickly undermine members power by extending the contract indefinitely, rather than going back to the bargaining table to negotiate a better contract. The sellout has continued with Union officials spending over $600 per member to get a yes vote. In the Southwest, Teamster officials spent over a million dollars to get the largest group in the Western Supplement to change their vote to a yes on the Southwest Rider and the Western Supplement, both of which were voted down by members in June.

Click here to view the Local by Local breakdown of the vote!

Below is a regional breakdown of the vote:

Seattle Area Local 174, (756-Yes, 100 No)

Spokane Local 690, (137-Yes, 127-No)

Yakima Local 760, (71-Yes, 1-No)

Pasco Local 839, (45-Yes, 0-No) Correct, zero people voted No in Local 839

Hermiston Local 670 (56-Yes, 12-No) The only region where the no vote INCREASED…

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Vote NO on the National and Supplement, YES on the Rider

May 31, 2013: Ballots for the UPS Contract are out.

690 Teamsters United is encouraging members to vote NO on the proposed national and supplement agreements, and YES on the Joint Council 28 Rider.

Click here to download a bulletin to distribute.

The International Union has screwed up the balloting on the UPS and UPS Freight contract. Thousands of UPS Teamsters have received a return envelope to send their ballot to the P.O. Box for UPS Freight ballots.

UPS Teamsters can still use these envelopes to mail in their ballots and have your vote counted. VOTE AND MAIL IN YOUR BALLOTS.

Click here to read more on the ballot screwup and how to get your vote counted.

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Tentative Western Region Supplement

The Western Region Supplement tentative agreement is now available online.

Western Region Supplement tentative agreement

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UPS Tentative Agreement Available

Click here to download a complete copy of the “National Master” tentative agreement with UPS.

To all Local 690 members, there are many rumors circulating regarding the contract. Many fellow Teamsters think that all is finished, but it’s not. The link above is only the link to the “National Master” proposal (the part that will replace the white part of our current contract). We still are waiting to review the Western Region Supplement (the replacement for what is now the blue part of our current contract) which covers many Teamster Locals and Joint Councils on the West Coast.

And more importantly, WE ARE STILL NEGOTIATING THE JOINT COUNCIL 28 RIDER AND SORT ADDENDUM (the replacement to the yellow part of our current contract). We have been meeting since last year regarding these vital parts of our contract, and still have a few details and issues on the bargaining table. We are confident that we will be able to give specifics the very day that we come to an agreement on all Joint Council 28 Sort and Rider issues.

Please contact Kevin Cruz, or Tim Hill in the Spokane Hub, or email us at teamsters690@gmail.com and we will do our best to answer any questions.

Updates for the Western Region supplement and the JC28 Sort & Rider will be posted as each become available. When it comes time to vote, you will have an opportunity to review all changes, to every part of the contract, and you will be able to vote on each part. That means that our region will get three (3) votes on our ballot. 1) National Master (white part), 2) Western Region (blue part), 3) Joint Council Sort and Rider (yellow part). Thank you all for your patience and support of your Rank-and-File bargaining committee, who fight every day for you at negotiations.

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690 Teamsters United Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the three members who each won $100 in the 690 Teamsters United raffle.

We thank them and all Local 690 members who supported and donated to our campaign. Our fight for a stronger Local 690 is not over.

Paul Schmatlz
UPS Day Sort

Randy Stella
UPS Twilight

Robert Caballero
URM Warehouse

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Why does Val hate us at UPS?

Tim Hill hasn’t missed one day of negotiations, and Tim Hill came prepared to the UPS Proposal meeting, but our Principal officer was MIA. That’s right, Val Holstrom was Missing In Action for our local’s leading Contract. In fact, the UPS contract represents nearly 900 Teamsters for Local 690, which is nearly 1/3 of our Local’s membership. If Val won’t show up to the large contract, how seriously does he take the contracts that represent 3 members? We take all contracts seriously!!!

When Val shows up (rarely) to UPS, he stands next to our manager’s office, and watches supervisors load packages (taking work away from laid off Teamsters). Even though this is a clear violation of the UPS National Contract, Val doesn’t care.

Even worse, Val has been completely absent when it comes to UPS negotiations. Val skipped out on members Saturday, August 4th when Local 690 had a UPS Contract Proposal meeting. This continued with:

Val missed negotiations for the week ending October 5.

Val missed negotiations for the week ending November 9.

Val missed negotiations for the week ending November 23.

Plain and simple, Val doesn’t know Local 690′s largest contract, and he doesn’t care about the members under that contract. It’s time for an administration that doesn’t miss vital meetings that effect so many members!!! Vote 690 Teamsters United Slate right away!!!

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Val Holstrom cannot run on his record of election cheating, lost contracts, members left behind, etc., etc. So instead he is lying about Tim Hill and 690 Teamsters United.

He issued a defamatory leaflet but refused to sign it. Then he mailed it using our Union’s mailing list, anonymously. He signed it with the fake name of a nonexistent group. This cowardly deed shows what kind of a “leader” he is.

His leaflet claims we are taking drugs, fired from our jobs, anarchists and on and on.

But he doesn’t have the guts to sign his anonymous baloney, which was printed non-Union, taken to the printer by himself and/or his supporters. He’s running scared: afraid of Tim Hill, 690 Teamsters United, and of the Rank and File (members) of Local 690.

Click here to download a leaflet on Holstrom’s lies.

Teamsters Deserve the Truth

Tim Hill and 690 Teamsters United are hard working Teamsters who are prepared to lead Local 690 in a better direction. We are ready to be held accountable by you, the members. Read the rest …

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Teamster members are supporting 690 TEAMSTERS UNITED SLATE!

Members from all different shops and all different industries are voting 690 TEAMSTERS UNITED SLATE. Our supporters are smart enough to know that Val Holstrom only shows up at election time. Members know that we all deserve better. We deserve a Union that will return calls within 24 hours. We deserve a Union that will have more educated Union Reps that negotiate better Contracts!

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NEW Campaign Leaflets!

Sample Ballot / 5 Steps We’ll Take

690 Teamsters United Slate

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After a massive loss in the Teamster Delegate election, just last year, Val has been exposed as a CHEATER!!! It was the 690 Teamsters United Slate that held him accountable for using members’ money in campaign, and sneaking ballots out of the Post Office a week ahead of the scheduled time for witnesses to be present. We were able to get a whole new election that one retired election observer said, “… was the most well run election in 690 history!” This occurred because Val ran the election that he cheated in, and the government oversight attorney ran the second, fair, election.

The reason we are reporting another victory for the members is because Val has accidentally admitted that he has no clue how to run an election. It’s an accident because he hired an outside Election Firm to run the upcoming election, thus admitting that he can’t, and will not be, running our upcoming Union Officer Election. This will cost money, but will ENSURE that the election is run fairly, honestly, and properly. We believe that this move by Val is the right move for the members and the best route to saving the members the burden of two elections again like last year. Normally, mobbed up and/or corrupt locals are forced to hire election firms for their officer elections.

Rest assured that 690 Teamsters United Slate will fight for all members to make sure that their vote is counted, and anonymous, the way any fair election should be. If you have any questions, please email us immediately. Ballots are due to be sent out around November 16th, and should start arriving in members mailboxes within a couple days after that.

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